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OneraSystems has the latest innovative solar solution for your home, SolGuard™. It opens new horizons for the use of Solar Energy in your home providing a unique turnkey system to meet all your energy needs. SolGuard™ eliminates the need for diesel power and is the right step that paves the way for a revolution in the world of Solar Energy applications.


SolCool™ Is designed as a luxurious model that includes a Combo of the latest technologies for energy generation, preservation together with the newest technologies in Air-conditioning.

 Triple O™

Power your Home with OneraSystems Triple O PV Solar Systems and Dwell comfortably Any where Away from the Gridtems and Dwell comfortably Any where Away from the Grid

 Remote Homes™

The need for sustainable power generation in Sinai is an ongoing challenge facing the government of Egypt represented by the South Sinai Governorate.

 Use our Power Calculator application to calculate your appliances load.