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The need for sustainable power generation in Sinai is an ongoing challenge facing the government of Egypt represented by the South Sinai Governorate. This arose from the government’s plan to provide basic life requirements for Bedouins in Sinai Peninsula, that would urge them to settle down and utilize their manpower and resources in micro and small developmental projects, with an attempt to alleviate some of the burden on the balance of payments, contribute to GDP growth and create political stability in this important region.

As we have become aware of this challenge together with the government’s continuous endeavours to seek solutions to this problem, we presented a project to use photovoltaic systems to provide necessary power generation to 140 Bedouin homes in a virtually isolated region within the boundaries of the South Sinai Governorate.

In this course, we have designed, documented and arranged all tasks of this project with the government and funding agencies. Then we undertook the implementation this groundbreaking solution as a complete novelty in Egypt. Since then, the need for photovoltaic systems in providing sustainable energy to Bedouin and remote residential settlements has been growing. With our awareness of this fact, we are in a continuous research to develop better solutions to upcoming project of this sort.