QUALITY - Quality Policy

Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety and Energy Policy

“Multi-Purpose Safe & Environment Friendly Solutions, ANYWHERE”

  • OneraSystems will endeavor to be the leader provider, in quality and market share, of engineering services and integrated power supply systems for the telecommunications industry and other related fields in Egypt.

  • The nature of our work is in itself providing environmentally friendly products and solutions. We commit to protect the Environment & the Safety of our employee complied with legal. All our employees and processes will be directed to prevent pollution & provide safe working condition. Also, we will do our utmost to make our suppliers, sub-contractors and clients Safe & more aware of protecting the Environment.

  • The excellence of our work will be reflected by the achievement of our quality, Environmental, Health & Safety and Energy objectives. These objectives will be set and assessed in every management review, and will be followed up and measured every quarter. Our objectives and targets setting will involve employees from all activities and will try to serve the outlooks of all stakeholders.

  • We commit and will make sure that the adequate information and necessary resources will be available at any time to achieve company objectives and targets including those involved with Energy.

  • OneraSystems will comply with customer needs, abide by legal obligations, and observe customers and shareholders requirements, and other requirements to which OneraSystems subscribes related to its energy use, consumption and efficiency.

  • Our employees are our biggest asset. We will always strive to upgrade their performance, knowledge and competence, and we will do the utmost to improve their lives and maintain their Safety.

  • We aim at profitable operations, but we certainly never compromise on our quality, integrity, and Environmental & Safety or Energy consciousness.

  • OneraSystems will support the purchase of energy-efficient products and services, and design for energy performance improvement and modification of its facilities, equipment, systems and processes.

  • We commit the continual improvement in all aspects of our work including Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety and Energy Management System; it is considered the foundation for building our future.

  • OneraSystems will meet expectations of all interested parties

  • This policy is periodically reviewed to ensure that it is relevant and appropriate to our activity & the policy will be communicated to all the employees and it is available to the public upon request.

  • This policy is available for external parties at our web site (www.OneraSystems.com) and for our employees at our boards.

  • Wael El-Nashar
    President & CEO