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OnerSystems Background

Following its ambitious to move into plan into new business dimensions, coupled with its vision to diversify activities and its belief in specialization, OneraSystems has been created by MEET Egypt to be its successor in practice in the renewable energy business. OneraSystems is mainly focusing on providing clean, efficient and reliable energy to be burgeoning business to the population of the Middle East by providing integrated solutions, as well as integrating solar energy sources with, Fuel Cells & Wind Turbines. With virtually the same top management, OneraSystems is acquiring all expertise and know-how in the field of Renewable to hit the road running. This will quickly grant OneraSystems a leadership position that is backed by continuous R&D efforts in the field.

At the latest addition to the family of MEET, OneraSystems was created with one simple view; this was to be able to provide clean, efficient and reliable energy to the burgeoning business and civilian populations of the Middle East. Today it provides and compliments MEET with complete solar powered systems, for the Telecommunications, Oils and Utilities sectors as wells as any other fields that require their services.

In the Middle East, the thirst for power grows daily. OneraSystems is there to meet this demand as a provider of integrated solar powered supply systems for a wide variety of business sectors. It is also gateway to the future for their energy supplies.

Seeking perfection in providing the clients with exceptional quality, Onera adopted the quality controls and standards of MEET Egypt which granted the acquisition of the ISO 9001 certification in 2003, ISO 14001 certification in 2003, and the OHSAS 18001 certification in 2006; for the design, manufacture, inspection, supply, management, documentation, installation and commissioning of solar systems, power supply systems, batteries, obstruction lights, civil works and steel structures, passive cooling shelters and enclosures.

OneraSystems has a variety of solar systems in their repertoire that are able to supply energy in varying situations and landscapes

The first of those is the Photovoltaic Systems, which is used to provide power in the remote areas; periodic maintenance is often difficult; therefore they have to meet high standards of reliability and economic efficiency. This can only be achieved by the use of field-proven quality components that delivers the high standards that OneraSystems demands from all of its products.

Secondly, there is the Standalone Systems. This system uses the constant source of solar energy provided during the daytime to power itself, whilst also storing electrical energy in its batteries, so that can be used during nighttime operation.

OneraSystems also has the advantage of having Hybrid systems at their disposal. These are specifically designed power systems, which combine the clean and effective nature of Solar Power with the other forms of energy systems that are capable of generating power for high capacity loads; such as Wind Turbines and Fuel Cells.

The usage of the Photovoltaic Solar Systems is not limited to remote zones, but extends to include the green buildings in the urban zones as well. Apart from the fact that the green buildings are environment friendly, it grants self reliance in generating the required energy which will release the overload on the public electricity grid

OneraSystems had PV systems that allow Telecom Applications to operate in areas where power quality and reliability are always in question, and sometimes not even available.

Solar homes, Ambulance sites, Street lighting, Traffic Signs and Water Destination are all capable of running in rural and harsh environments, that’s to the ingenuity of OneraSystem's technology.

SCADA Oil and Gas sites located in harsh desert climates and marine locations are also particularly thankful for PV systems that OneraSystems provide, because of the reliability and effectiveness of their operation that ensures that not a minute lost.

OneraSystems is one of the forerunner companies in providing alternative energy sources through solar systems for mobile networks and telecommunications in Egypt, North Africa, and the Middle East.

In an age where demand for outweighs supply in terms of energy, a growing World population insists that their energy is provided to them effectively and with a green mentality. In order to protect the future of the generations, OneraSystems is fighting to ensure that we do not leave future generations our mess to clean up, but that through OnerSystems's efforts we can create opportunities for a brighter and cleaner future.