Applications - Hybrid System

 Hybrid Systems

We have also used hybrid systems with the photovoltaic systems such as wind and fuel cells to in other applications.

It has come as a relief from having to rely on ineffective power supply with its direct and indirect costs and logistical hassle. Not only this, but we have set innovative schemes to deal with each site independently as a separate project. A complete assessment of the site has to be conducted in order to identify the current and future requirements of each site. Although this has been quite costly, we considered it an intangible investment early on that would reap its returns over the next years.

To achieve this, we always strived to control the value chain at its entirety with an attempt to provide unconventional solutions to clients. This has compelled us to assess each component of the site, and to procure the best solution that would serve the sites, and also has transformed us into consultants for Telecom operators on the best and most efficient use of site components to adopt the use of photovoltaic.