C&D Technologies is a technology company that produces and markets systems for the conversion and storage of electrical power, including industrial batteries and electronics. C&D Technologies is a leading and valued supplier of products in reserve power systems and electronic power supplies. With a strong manufacturing base in North America, and world-class distribution and customer support, C&D Technologies is best positioned to satisfy your back power needs locally as well as all over the world.

C&D Technologies was founded in 1906 and is a public company since 1987 (NYSE) and today is one of the largest providers of power storage and power conversion systems in the world and no. 1 market share in North America.

With over 100 years of technological innovations, C&D Technologies build business power with the most recognized global brands such as: msEndurII, DYNASTY, LIBERTY, FLOODED, SAGEON, ARE, ARE-M, and ARR-M ; Names that are truly associated with Quality, reliability, performance and total customer satisfaction.

C&D Technologies engineers and markets batteries, electronics and fully integrated power systems, which provide back-up battery power in the event of a primary power loss or interruption. Meeting the needs of customers in the telecommunications, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and utility, switchgear and control, cable, broadband, and solar markets, C&D offers a wide selection of products for all of your Standby Power needs.

C&D Technologies is the Telecom industry technical leader providing complete power systems and batteries uniquely designed for their applications. Telecom applications include fixed wire-line, wireless, broadband, customer premise/PBX, microwave, DSL, and fiber optic distribution. C&D offers a complete line of sales, service, 10 & 20 year Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) and 20 year Vented Lead Acid (VLA) batteries. C&D's VRLA batteries, both front and top access, were designed, tested, certified and qualified to the arduous Telcordia (formerly Bell Core) SR-4228 International standard. Full Telecom power systems support includes chargers, rectifiers, distribution, and cabinets.

C&D provides complete battery systems integrating batteries and their enclosures. UPS battery systems support data centers, computer rooms, bank and financial systems, network operations centers, internet hosting sites, industrial processing and control, and medical/emergency applications. C&D manufactures Flooded (wet cell) and Valve Regulated (VRLA) batteries that meet a wide range of UPS ratings and various installation requirements, and supplies complete systems including racks, spill containment and safety equipment solutions that meet the most rigorous specifications.