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A – Importance of solar energy

Have you ever wondered, "Why is solar energy important?" You are not alone. With all of the talk in the media about alternative energy, it is a common question.

Before we delve into the discussion of why solar energy is so needed in the world today, we’ll first look into what solar energy really is. By definition, solar energy is that beaming light and heat that is generated from the sun. Solar energy has been used by human beings since time immemorial. Solar power is used in a widespread of the ever so progressing technologies of the world.

The radiation that comes from solar energy along with the resultant solar energized resources such as wave power, wind, biomass and hydroelectricity all give an explanation for most of the accessible renewable energy that is present on earth. However, only an infinitesimal portion of the existing solar energy is used.

So the question of why solar energy is important, that persists in the minds of many, is because solar energy can prove to have an immense amount of constructive and helpful impact on you and on the environment as a whole. Contrasting to the fossil fuels that we consume and use on a daily basis, solar energy does not fabricate the excessively injurious pollutants that are liable for the greenhouse effect which is known to lead to global warming. Solar power use reduces the quantity of contamination and toxic waste, not to forget pollution that the engendering plants have to produce. Global warming is an issue of great interest. In the recent times, with more awareness about the harmful effects of global warming, the issue is taken with great interest. There is in point of fact a massive belief that the use of fossil fuel is a contributing factor to the cause of global warming, which will ultimately result in the demise of the planet altogether. Probably the best part about why solar energy is that it is a renewable source of energy, which basically means that it will stay there forever, it will be consumed for all practical human usages. Oil, coal etc, is all bound to finish one day and eradicate from the face of the planet. So why not put them in the storage and use something more useful, is a basic question that many people have today.

Why solar energy?

Because, it is ultra clean, natural and a sustainable source of energy that you can utilize in the use of making solar electricity, solar heating appliances, solar cooling appliances and also solar lighting appliances.

Another key aspect of using solar energy is that it has massive financial benefits. They can generally be seen in the reduction of your utility bills. As you would be consuming solar power for the electricity that you use, the heating, the cooling and the lighting of your environment. Statistically, in the United States, Americans are known to be consuming 25% of the world’s oil production on a daily basis. On the whole, the planet is being drained of its oil resources and the energy prices are only bound to go up. To only mend your own personal cost of energy needs is probably one of the smartest things to do and not to forget a very valuable future investment, when measured up to the unavoidable rise in the cost of energy in recent times as well as the not so far future. Solar energy systems are very much affordable, and with the help from the local, state and the federal programs that are now available to help in the installation costs, they seem to make much more sense than using other sources of generating energy apart from the solar energy.

Conversely, if you take benefit of the law that was passed in 2005, which is mainly referred to as the law of the net metering, you can actually end up saving on the price of the batteries and use extra power back into the utility network, which if you ever have the need to use it, can do so easily. This in short means that the utility corporation actually turns into being your own personal storage facility, with absolutely no extra fund cost to your wallet.

On the global front, creating the use of solar energy seems to be one of the best options available. The change in the climate world over is a serious threat to our planet which is causing much of the problems. The emission levels of carbon dioxide that we generate by the constant use of fossil fuel are literally killing our planet. The usage of solar energy will only provide us with a clean environment, a life where we will not have to constantly worry about the ever so reducing resources to provide us with the basic comforts of our life. With net metering, the ever so reasonably priced solar technology and the ultimate willingness to change this situation around, you can augment the energy competence of your home, and in due course accomplish net zero fossil fuel expenditure and utilization. You will also save the planet from dying out by using solar energy!

There is hardly anyone who has not heard about solar energy, and if one knows what solar energy is, it is certain to be known that sun has something to do with it. Well sun has almost everything to do with; it is only sun who manages to provide 1000 watts per square meter. That is enormous amount of energy to take, if we have enough solar cells array to place on open land to capture energy.

There is one most common example for solar product is calculator which we use in our homes and office. These calculators do not have batteries but operates on solar cells and usually it remains on and do not have off buttons, for them to keep on working only light is required. There are little advance examples for solar power applications available in fewer parts of the world, solar application like solar signals on highways, emergency road signs, emergency call boxes, parking lights and garden lights.

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