Omnishelter® is a leading manufacturer of shelters and cabinets specially aimed for the housing of telecommunications and electric equipment.

Omnishelter® has gained a vast experience in supplying shelters and cabinets tailor made to specific requirements to qualified customers world-wide.

Omnishelter® integrates their shelters and cabinets with all necessary ancillary sub-systems such as air conditioning systems.

Omnishelter® design and manufacture shelters and cabinets in accordance to the latest technological innovations in respect of:

Internal and external environmental conditions.
Equipment safety and protection.
Reliability and operational lifetime.

Shelters and cabinets proposed by Omnishelter ® are a result of a vast world-wide experience gained with major Telecom Operators, Manufacturers and System Integrators.

Omnishelter® offer shelters made either of aluminum, steel, and stainless steel or reinforced fiberglass. The selection of the material takes into account all the various environmental and operational conditions and constraints at which the shelters are expected to operate, as well as the safety requirements, with special emphasis on protection against fire by using self-extinguishing or non-flammable materials.

Thermal isolation of the shelters is obtained by using polyurethane foam or other suitable material (rock-wool) selected in accordance with application and safety standard. All elements used in manufacturing are either in corrosion-free materials or hot dip galvanized steel.