APPLICATIONS - Utilities - Water Desalination

We were successful in diverting the attention of decision makers to the useful, efficient, and clean utilization of photovoltaic systems in remote sites. With the additional need to keep South Sinai Protectorate preserved against any type of pollution, it was not wise to power the houses of the Protectorate guards with air polluting emissions from using diesel generator, set aside the noise pollution and the hassle associated with operation. 

We have come up with a complete system for powering the houses of guards with photovoltaic system for the operation of crucial equipment such as wireless communication devices, and other surveillance and monitoring devices for security purposes, together with the ordinary lighting and life support gadgets. The system came as a comprehensive and constructive solution to this important function of the Protectorate and was highly applauded by the South Sinai Governorate that has paved the road for more solutions to more needs within this particular governorate.