BUSINESS PARTNER - Uhlmann Solar electronic

Uhlmann Solar electronic was found in 1982, when Photovoltaic was an exotic technique. Still a family enterprise the company is now led by his son Arno Uhlmann. From the very first days on the main activities were development, production and distribution of solar charge controllers for autarchic constructions. In the late 80's solar charge controllers were simple constructions with Spartan features, but today they are equipped with an efficient micro controller and are able to process numerous system information and controlling tasks.

In the course of the time Uhlmann Solar electronic became a specialist for customized products and the high performance sector. Until today more than 50,000 regulators have been produced that control a summarized output of 10 megawatts. They are operating in telecommunication systems, radio and TV converters, pipeline pumps, boat engines and autarchic power supplies for houses. The assortment of products is completed by a variety of accessories such as lamps, sensors, inverters and thermal regulators. Technical care and development of customized charge controllers will remain our main task in the future.