Ever since its foundation in 1887, AEG has embodied pioneering research in the field of electrical application engineering, German quality, design and precision. A 130-year-track record which started with electric light bulbs and evolved over the years to include everything from cars, trains, power tools and electric machines to medical instruments, motors, microelectronics and more. AEG –a brand owned today by Electrolux Group- has branched out into in the field of sustainable energies, and continuing this tradition offers today AEG quality and innovative photovoltaic modules suitable for all types of solar installations.


Bringing to the international markets AEG photovoltaic modules, Solar Solutions GmbH is based in Germany and is further present in 16 countries throughout Europe, Middle-East, the US and Asia. Our selected partners worldwide provide our customers with a reliable network to succeed in their projects.


AEG solar modules are made of carefully selected and tested components to ensure the highest quality, reliable efficiency and a long product life-time. Our products and production facilities are located in Europe and Asia and are certified according to the latest standard to grant our customers quality they can rely on.

AEG photovoltaic modules stand out for their reliability, quality and enhanced usability, embedding aesthetics and innovation to grant you full control over your PV system and its outputs.

AEEach AEG product is developed to be one idea ahead in the world of interconnected, smart devices. Uniquely AEG solar modules are delivered with an individual module monitoring solution (IMM Technology) as an optional feature. Thanks to IMM, AEG modules are the first on the market that are capable of diagnosing their own health and performance status. This significantly reduces Operation & Maintenance costs, improves system yields and just as importantly gives our customers peace of mind.